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AHIMA Update

Join AHIMA leadership as we share how we are achieving the AHIMA mission of Empowering People to Impact Health™. We will also share accomplishments, detail what’s coming up and how we will continue in leading the revolution of healthcare.

1.0 hrs   Evolving Topics   

AI in Healthcare, AI for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes a lot of promises, but AI has some important limitations that need to be understood for AI to be useful in the healthcare domain. In this talk, I explain briefly what AI is, how it works, limitations of AI including some important hype, then I discuss some areas where AI could make an impact.

0.5 hrs   Informatics, Analytics and Data Use   

Align Strategy and Technology using Business Capabilities

The challenge of bridging the gap between strategy and execution within IT has become more complex than ever.

Organizations who speak in different idioms across different functions often cause this gap to widen. They speak of missions, strategies, goals, processes, and projects. The CEO speaks of “making mobile-first a priority,” marketing could be focused on “increasing share of wallet amongst millennials,” and IT is in talks of “load-balancing the Linux server cluster.”

Business capabilities have the potential to serve as a universal language at enterprise scale. If used properly, they can help save money, decrease risk, and accelerate growth.

0.5 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

Applications of AI in Healthcare: What’s Working, What’s Not, and Why

Dale will discuss fundamental data concepts and frameworks that are important for successful application of AI technology; where AI is delivering value in healthcare, where it’s struggling, and the reasons for both.

1.0 hrs   Informatics, Analytics and Data Use   

Continuing the Interoperability Journey

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security   

Demystifying Dementia Behaviors

1.0 hrs   Clinical Foundations   


1.0 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

Idaho Health Data Exchange: an Integrator, Aggregator, and Convener; A Community Oriented Approach to Addressing Health-Related Social Needs

0.5 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

Recent Trends in Cybersecurity and the Road Ahead

Remote Work

1.0 hrs   Organizational Management and Leadership   

The Blueprint for Digital Health Transformation

Session Description:

  • Discuss the Digital Health Indicator as a tool to measure health organization’s digital capacity on your digital health transformation journey.
  • Explain the relationship between digital maturity, digital capacity, and health system performance outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities that virtual care presents to health systems and considerations for redesigning the care delivery model to meet consumer virtual care preferences.

0.5 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

Virtual Exhibit Hall

1.0 hrs   Evolving Topics   

Your Health Idaho

0.5 hrs   Evolving Topics   

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